Nectar Premier Copper

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This dual-action cooling cover with Copper and PE fibers quickly wicks away heat and delivers a cool-to-the-sensation. This temperature-regulating, cooling-action layer draws heat away from the body while offering pressure relief and contouring comfort. Material: Copper

REMOVABLE COVER: Yes COVER INFO: 3% Copper, 255 Polyethylene, 20% Nylon, 52% polyester, circular knit COVER CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable. Air dry COVER CONSUMER BENEFIT(S): The cover of the Nectar Premier Copper model contains copper fibers. This is the first of two cooling-action materials in the cover. Copper will give a "cool-to-the-touch" or cooling sensation upon direct contact. The copper fibers quickly disperse or wick away any superficial heat transferred to it thorugh touch. The scond of two cooling-action materials in the cover is polyethylene. This will enhance the cool-to-the-touch sensation upon direct contact.The cover is intended to provide a soft tactile experience for the consumer since it is the layer they will physically interact with the most. COMFORT LAYER 1 COMPOSITION: Gel Memory Foam with Surfaced Infused Phased Change Material (PCM) COMFORT LAYER 1 THICKNESS: 4" COMFORT LAYER 1 CONSUMER BENEFIT(S): This layer is referred to as the contour and comfort layer. This layer provides a "temperature-regulating "cooling" benefit. The surface of the gel memory foam is infused with phase change material (PCM), which will help wick away and retail excess heat from the body. By drawing away and retaining excess heat, PCM can help "regulate" the sleep environment temperature by either continuing to draw away and retail heat if the sleep environment is too hot or releasing the retained het back to the consumer if the sleep environment is too cold. The PCM coats the entire surface of this layer (from head to foot). This layer is also intended to cushion the body at its most sensitive areas helping to relieve pressure to the shoulders and hips. COMFORT LAYER 2 COMPOSITION: Soft Conventional Foam COMFORT LAYER 2 THICKNESS: 1" COMFORT LAYER 2 CONSUMER BENEFIT(S): Support Layer. This layer is intended to help provide resistance against the body as our customer lays down on top of the mattress. This layer is what prevents a consumer from "sinking in" too far into the mattress. COMFORT LAYER 3 COMPOSITION: Standard Conventional Foam COMFORT LAYER 3 THICKNESS: 9" COMFORT LAYER 3 CONSUMER BENEFIT(S): Base Layer. This layer is intended to provide solid support for the layers above it. It helps give structure and stability for all the other components to perform as desired. ADJUSTABLE BASE FRIENDLY: Yes
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